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The laboratory it is a platform for training and research in the field of Industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation of enterprises. In the contemporary labour market, an integrated approach to production decision-making and soft skills of graduates are appreciated, and therefore the project-based education will significantly improve the quality of training and the competitiveness of graduates in the Russian and international labour markets.

These laboratory facilities are a physical model of the most common technological processes in the chemical, petrochemical, food and other industries. The laboratory also has SmartWireless sensors that make up a self-organizing wireless industrial network.

Every year, more than 80 students study the operation of modern equipment used in production in the laboratory. The laboratory allows students to complete their graduation projects using the latest principles of process control based on fuzzy logic methods, neural networks, and model predictive control algorithms. Postgraduates conduct research in the field of process control and instrument engineering.

In addition, the laboratory provides such training courses in English for international students from China, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Jordan, Malaysia and Iraq in the programmes on Automated Process Control Systems, and Automated Information Management Systems.