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Dear Friends!
Welcome to the official website of the 5th BRICS Young Scientist Forum!

In the modern world research, development and innovation are a crucial factor of economic advancement which determines the quality of human life. Globalization and digital technology implementation bring forth new opportunities for international projects, search of breakthrough ideas, encouragement of innovative processes by way of experience and best practice exchange within the framework of international cooperation. More opportunities to pursue science emerge.

In this context, youth forums and partnership of the young scientific community in developing the innovative science gain special significance taking into consideration that most BRICS researchers are vigorously engaged in teaching that affects their communication with the younger generation in a positive manner, and inspires them to elaborate a creative approach in providing scientific knowledge.

The BRICS Young Scientist Forum is one of the most advanced platforms where BRICS countries communicate with each other. It symbolizes peoples’ friendship and fosters development of scientific, educational, cultural and spiritual links alike. Besides communicating popular science, exchanging best practice and knowledge, the event also gives a positive impetus to build new contacts for future joint scientific efforts both for the common prosperity of our countries and the global social evolution.

In view of a whole array of current limitations aimed at overcoming the coronavirus pandemic I appreciate the opportunity of keeping our cooperation dynamic in the video conference format. This website has been designed for sustaining the atmosphere of unity and keeping the participants’ team spirit high.

I sincerely wish success to the participants of the upcoming activities. May good fortune attend the implementation of your daring and truly ambitious ideas.

Valery Falkov
Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Natalya Bocharova
Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Chelyabinsk region

South Ural State University

Young Innovator Prize Winners

  • The 1st place

  • The 2nd place

    • Ivan Shorstkii


    • Young Innovator

    • Kuban State Technological University

    • Associate professor

  • The 3rd place

Science Stand Up Battle

    • Anupma Thakur


    • Young Scientist

    • Research Scholar

    • DST-INSPIRE Senior Research Fellow

    • Maria Gordeeva


    • Young Scientist

    • Kazan state power engineering university

    • deputy head of international relations departmet; associate proffessor of water bioresources and aquaculture department

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