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Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory houses developmental metal-cutting, measuring and training equipment, as well as a research complex for studying the technology of production and coating the surface of welded metal shells used in the production of electronic control systems.

The Mechanical Engineering Laboratory has technical capabilities for processing materials of various hardness and chemical composition. For example, products made of carbon and stainless steel, aluminium alloys, non-ferrous metals, as well as heat-resistant and tough alloys. The conducted research is in demand in the metallurgical and machine-building industries, and is also used by scientists in their research and experimental development.

Various types of work are carried out within the framework of existing contracts. For example:

  • Production of a wide range of high-precision and high-tech developmental prototypes for the industrial sector
  • Development of electronic models, technologies and control programs for CNC machines and robotic systems
  • Various tests in the field of strength characteristics of different materials
  • Assistance in carrying out projects for different branches, faculties and departments of the University on various topics
  • Scientific development of 3D models of samples of control cabs for technological and lifting equipment was performed
  • Recommendations for improving the efficiency of the complex of electric-power cranes have been developed
  • The research and calculation of receivers was carried out
  • A scientific research of gearbox's parts to the acting load in the operational process was made, etc.

The Mechanical Engineering Laboratory is a link in the belt of innovative laboratories of the University and a unique platform for the implementation of practical research and development, which allows to work out the stages of design, manufacture and testing of innovative science-intensive products and technologies.