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Composite Materials Laboratory

The laboratories activities include:

  • creation of new types of composite materials, development of their manufacturing processes and research of stress-related properties;
  • training as part of professional development programs in the are as of technologies form an factoring products from composite materials.

The equipment of this laboratory is used for applied scientific research in the following areas: transport and space systems, energy efficiency, energy conservation, nuclear power and nanosystems industry.

The Laboratory implements educational services and scientific developments commissioned by enterprises in the real economy, performs scientific tasks and research and development and technological work. Among the most significant studies:

  • Development of the technology for production of the cab in exteri or elements of the electric train “Lastochka” made of polymer composite materials with in the frame work of the production localization program. Strength calculations were performed in the Experimental Mechanics Laboratory, the Composite Materials Laboratory developed manufacturing process, prototypes and copies of the product were made.
  • Also, together with the "Klimov" plant, employees and laboratories developed and worked out technologies for manufacturing the torsion hood of the An sat helicopter swash plate by the RTM method.
  • The laboratory developed exterior elements made of polymer materials for the DET-400 bulldozer and a module for a firefighting machine.
  • They also did the groundwork for high-tech production of elements of the model range of energy-saving design for modular low-floor trams.